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Greed  So? Which one?" James’ mother asked him, holding butterscotch in one hand and a vanilla ice cream on the other, as she stood by a deli in the Central Park of Lordsville. It was dusk and the sun was inching closer to the horizon a little faster than it seemed a few moments ago. "The yellow one! The yellow one!" cried little James. Giving the vendor the exact change, the mother and son were just about to leave when the sight of an unpleasant and unfamiliar figure stopped them in their tracks briefly. "Care to spare some change, Ma'am? The Lord and our savior will bless you for helping the needy." a shabbily dressed man with a hoarse voice and coarse appearance called out. "Heh! Please go somewhere else. I've got no money to spare on the likes of you!" James mother retorted. As she tugged James away, not even trying to hide her apparent irritation, the child couldn't help but turn back and glance at the beggar, whose eyes st

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